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Dr Paul Anderson



  1. Critical Thought in Turbulent Times: Reforming Law and Economy for a Sustainable Earth (provisional title; under review) [Please click here for pre-publication details].
  2. Commodification, Conservation and Community: an Analysis and a Case Study in South India. Edinburgh Papers in South Asian Studies 14 (Edinburgh: Centre for South Asian Studies, Edinburgh University, 2000)[Web].

Peer-reviewed articles

  1. "What Rights are Eclipsed When Corporatism Defines Risk? Governance and GM Food", Theory, Culture and Society, 21 (6) 2004, pp. 155-169 [Web].
  2. "Governance by Universal Justice or Serial Warfare?", International Journal of Human Rights, 7 (4) 2003, pp. 143-154 [Web].
  3. "Community-based Conservation and Social Change amongst South Indian Honey-Hunters: An Anthropological Perspective", Oryx: International Journal of Conservation, 35 (1) 2001, pp. 81-83 [Web].

Papers currently under review or in preparation for submission

  1. "Constitutional Lessons from the Debates over Precaution versus Economic Growth in Domestic Mobile Telecommunications Law" (with Chris Groves). Journal of Law and Society (used by Richard Buxton Solicitors in R (Harris) v First Secretary of State, Peterborough City Council and Hutchison 3G [2007] EWHC 1847). [Web]
  2. "Double-Glazing the Greenhouse and Productive Policy Responses to Rising Atmospheric Carbon" (with Lewis Cleverdon) Nature
  3. "The Problem of Heidegger's Nondualism for Ecological Critique". Journal of Political Philosophy
  4. "Global Environmental Governance: further thoughts on the need for a 'Constitutional Moment'" (with Chris Groves). Global Environmental Politics.
  5. "Climate Litigation at a Crossroads?" (with Joyeeta Gupta). Global Environmental Change.

Relevant non-peer reviewed work

  1. "Valuing Nature: Democracy or Economics?" OpenDemocracy (17 May 2012; http://www.opendemocracy.net/ourkingdom/paul-anderson/valuing-nature-democracy-or-economics).
  2. "Fighting 'Terrorism' or Repressing Democracy? Britain's System of Mass Surveillance". Global Research (14 November 2012; http://www.globalresearch.ca/fighting-terrorism-or-repressing-democracy-britains-system-of-mass-surveillance/5311802).

Conference papers, presentations and proceedings

  1. "Adding Capacity at Heathrow consultation: Comments on its Scope and Legality" (authored with Chris Groves), February 2008. Submission at request of a coalition of local authorities and environmental groups. Outlines prospects for judicial review of the Government's decision to support the expansion of Heathrow airport in light of (i) a critique of its policy including demonstration of need and the methodologies by which this was made and (ii) an analysis of a failure to discharge duties imposed inter alia by the Aarhus Convention to consult the public fully and effectively (used subsequently by Harrison Grant Solicitors in R (Hillingdon and others) v. Secretary of State for Transport [2010] EWHC 626) [Web].
  2. Submission at request of CAPRI and Richard Buxton Solicitors, used in R(Ware) v. Neath Port Talbot Council and National Grid [2007] EWHC 913 (Admin) and in Public Inquiry PO624/06/FUL. Submission (authored with Chris Groves) critiques National Grid's representations on energy security and the national interest, its legal duties, its demand/supply forecasting and its assessment of risk and environmental impact [Web].
  3. "The Allocation Problem and Conceptualising Linkages in Earth Systems Governance". Earth System Governance conference, University of Lund, Sweden, April 2012.
  4. "Environmental Sustainability: from Market Failure to a Critical Theory of Justice". Research Seminar, International Law and Theory Centre, University of Westminster, December 2011.
  5. "The 'War on Terror': What's in a Frame?" at In Pursuit of the Future workshop, Cardiff University, March 2006.
  6. "What Rights are Eclipsed When Corporatism Defines Risk? Governance and GM Food". Environmental Justice and Global Citizenship Mansfield College, Oxford University, July 2005.
  7. "The Commons and Ordre Public Models of Governance: an Introduction", Property Regulation in European Science, Ethics and Law, workshop on Genetic Biodiversity and Sustainable Development, Lund University, Sweden, November 2004.
  8. "Metaphor Use, Whole System Dynamics and the Entropic Nature of the Economy" (with Christoph Bey), Frontiers 1, European Society for Ecological Economics, Cambridge University, July 2001.
  9. "Carbon at all Costs? An Analysis of a Forest Carbon Sequestration Strategy to Combat Climate Change" (London: Friends of the Earth International, December 1998), UN Framework Convention on Climate Change COP 4, Buenos Aires, December 1998

Editorial and reviewing work

Book review
  1. "International Environmental Law: Status, Problems and Reform Prospects" Review of M. Fitzmaurice, D. Ong and P. Merkuoris (eds.) Research Handbook on International Environmental Law (Cheltenham: Edward Elgar, 2010) in Climate Law, 3, 2012, pp. 71-91 [Web]
  2. "Neo-radical Perspectives on Global Environmental Governance?" Review of J G Speth (ed) Worlds Apart: Globalization and the Environment (Washington, D.C.: Island Press, 2003) in Politics and the Life Sciences, 27 (2) 2008, pp. 60-5 [Web].
Consultant editor
  1. Toulmin, C. et al. Land Tenure in Africa (London: Earthscan/DFID, 2001).
  2. Leonard, R. Land Tenure Lexicon: A Glossary of Terms from English and French-Speaking West Africa (London: IIED, 2000).

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